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Internet prompts top-secret strategy

August 24, 2005


Don't blame Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino or anybody else from the athletic department for the Quarterback Club flap, insists Pat Henderson, former Jayhawk football player and assistant coach now working an administrative job at KU.

"This is all on me," said Henderson, who sounded a little red-faced.

A paragraph in this year's application to join the club requires that the applicant "... warrants and promises that he/she will not divulge any comments to any person..."

It goes on to prohibit anyone from posting any "information or insight" from club functions on the Internet.

How would the school enforce it?

"It is very hard to enforce, I know that," Henderson said.

"You know why I put it in there? To make people understand that it is a problem with Internet access."

Henderson played for former KU coach Don Fambrough and coached on Mangino's staff. In between, he was a member of staffs that won seven conference titles in five leagues.

He knows his football. His football booster club letters?

"I was going to make fun of it myself at Friday's meeting," Henderson said. "It was also done with the idea that what they're getting is a little different than what the general public gets. Not so much different that it will be top secret."

Henderson said he borrowed the idea to include the paragraph from another school's Web site.

"We understood that there might be a problem with it and there was some discussion," Henderson said. "I was told it was my decision and I left it in there."

He was more comfortable talking about the team.

"When you watch the guys work out and watch them practice and talk to them in the hall, you can tell they're starting to develop that swagger, that confidence," he said. "This team's work ethic is as good as any I've been around. It's fun to watch them work."


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