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Judge denies Murray’s bank account request

August 18, 2005


A judge has turned down a convicted murderer's request to unfreeze his bank accounts, something he'd requested in part so he could spend more money on his legal defense.

Judge Michael Malone turned down the request by Thomas E. Murray to release some of an estimated $160,000 in assets that had been ordered frozen pending the outcome of a $10 million wrongful-death lawsuit. Murray argued he needed the money to pay his mortgage, his taxes, $20,000 for an attorney to represent him in the wrongful-death lawsuit, and $44,500 for the expected legal costs of his criminal appeal.

In denying the request, Malone noted that Murray has more than $200,000 that is not frozen.

Murray, a former Kansas State University professor, is being sued by family members of his ex-wife, Carmin D. Ross, who was stabbed and beaten to death in November 2003 at her home north of Lawrence. Murray was convicted of the murder in March and was sentenced to life in prison.

Ross' family members say any money they recover from Murray will be used to support his and Ross' kindergarten-aged daughter.


Dallasbugman 12 years, 3 months ago

May Hats Off To ya Judge Murry. ANY AND ALL of the moneys he has Should go for that childs Care . thats what should have happened in the O-J Simpson Case also or anybody else that murder`s a person . the only exception to that would be .... a person in the millitary , And in a war zone under Direct comand From the comander to Kill or Be Killed , OR A DEATH Sentence By Judge And Jury Only ..... But then ....You better pray Hard ! to your Maker for forgiveness , war is a hell of a thing we have to be apart of , but We as People Do Not Have The Right To murder Our Fellow Man ;) .....DallasBugMan

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