Regents announce faculty changes, promotions

The Kansas Board of Regents has announced promotions and newly granted tenure status for Kansas University faculty members on the Lawrence campus.

Those promoted to full professor were W. Perry Alexander, electrical engineering and computer science; Robert Cohen, molecular biosciences; Eva Horn, special education; Carey Johnson, chemistry; Allard Jongman, linguistics; Jill Kuhnheim, Spanish and Portuguese; A. Townsend Peterson, ecology and evolutionary biology; Lance Rake, design; Joey Sprague, sociology; and Michael Wehmeyer, special education.

Peterson also was promoted to senior curator of the Natural History Museum, and Wehmeyer also was promoted to senior scientist with tenure at the Life Span Institute.

Those promoted to associate professor with tenure were Giselle Anatol, English; Lorraine Bayard de Volo, political science and women’s studies; Kyle Camarda, chemical and petroleum engineering; Peter Chun, music and dance; Cynthia Colwell, music and dance; John Devlin, geology; Cliff Ellis, architecture and urban design; Michael Engel, ecology and evolutionary biology; Tamara Falicov, theater and film; Bryan Foster, ecology and evolutionary biology; Nils Gore, architecture and urban design; Stephen Hasiotis, geology; Erik Herron, political science; Ted Juhl, economics; Adrianne Kunkel, communication studies; Margaret Marco, music and dance; Adolfo Matamoros, civil, environmental and architectural engineering; Mario Medina, civil, environmental and architectural engineering; Linda Olafsen, physics and astronomy; Eric Rath, history; Paola Sanguinetti, architecture and urban design; Sean Smith, special education; Ric Steele, psychology/applied behavioral sciences; May Tveit, design; Tara Welch, classics; Fiona Yap, political science.

John Lynch, music and dance, was awarded tenure.

Those promoted to librarian II with tenure were Whitney Baker, university libraries; Lea (Reid) Currie, university libraries; and Robert Mead, law library.

Those promoted to associate research professor were Rachel Freeman, Life Span Institute; and Dayl Mellard, Center for Research on Learning.

Michael Engel, Natural History Museum, was promoted to associate curator.

Sonya Lancaster, English, was promoted to associate specialist.

Mark Robbins, Natural History Museum, was promoted to senior specialist.