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Candidate qualms

If his heart wasn’t in the governor’s race, U.S. Rep. Jerry Moran was right to bow out.

August 5, 2005


No one should be pressured into running for public office. Any potential candidate should want the job. Candidates should think they can make a positive difference and have no hesitation about running. A potential candidate shouldn't have to be begged to enter a race.

It appears U.S. Rep. Jerry Moran really didn't have his heart in entering the 2006 Kansas gubernatorial campaign.

Moran is a highly popular congressman, representing the huge 1st District. He is well-liked within most factions of the Republican Party, and various political observers think he would have the best chance of any potential GOP candidate of defeating incumbent Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

At one time, Moran had indicated he was going to go after the governor's office then backed off. Some time later he gave supporters reason to believe he might get back in the race. Now, he has announced he will not be a candidate.

This wavering indicates his heart really never was in the idea of going after the governor's seat. Did he doubt he could win, or was it that he enjoyed his job in Washington more than he thought would enjoy being governor? Did he think the campaign would be long, tough, costly and potentially wearing not only on him but on his family? Or were there other reasons?

Many senior Republicans tried to encourage him to run, but were these individuals interested in what would be best for Moran or the state? Or were they more interested in merely getting the governor's office back in GOP hands? Did they care about Moran, or was he just a means of getting back into power?

Whatever the case, Kansans have lost a good potential candidate. He might have won, or he might have lost. Regardless, it is important to encourage and support good, talented, honest and visionary men and women to seek public office. Every candidate should know full well the race will have a loser, as well as a winner. Not everyone can win.

Moran would have been a good candidate. He enjoys a fine record of representing his constituents and is respected in Washington. He is a hard worker, an excellent family man and a principled lawmaker.

Again, his wavering indicates his heart was not sufficiently into the gubernatorial campaign, and, for that reason, it's best he stepped aside.


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