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Unfair portrayal

August 4, 2005


To the editor:

As a frequent visitor to Lawrence, I had opportunity to read the Lawrence Journal-World article, "Shepherding the flock" (July 23). I found the article very upsetting and unfair to many fine Christians in Lawrence.

The author characterized anyone who is a Democrat, who is interested in preserving the environment, who is respectful of all God's children and how they were created, as something less than Christian. Further, he categorized these fine folks as participating in a variety of offensive activities. The ministers interviewed insinuated that God-forsaken Lawrence was a great place to spread the word of God and take a stand for what is right for these poor lost souls of Douglas County.

In my association with church people in Lawrence, I find them to be caring, devout folks committed to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and folks who take the life Jesus lived as an example for their own life's journey. Church people that I know believe that God's grace applies to all people. In the case of homosexuality, sexual preference is first and foremost a matter of biology.

Injustice and disrespect for any person is sin. God invites us ALL, including homosexuals, into the kingdom of Grace and calls us to be devout, committed Christians, living in a partnership of love and fidelity and service in the Christian Church. Let us all pray that God will lift us above this "dividing wall of hostility."

Helen Nachtigal,

North Newton


Richard Heckler 12 years, 10 months ago


Unfortunately this particular type of christian also go after republicans who do not support Pres. Bush. Yes even some republicans are considered not christian enough to remain as precinct contacts for the party and have been replaced on that basis. This from mainstream news. The church going senior couple was in shock...this couple was likely more representative of the real republicans. These christian right wing folks are merely posing as republican when in truth are representing Falwell's Christian Coalition. The fact of the matter is if they were honest and registered as the Christian Coalition Party and ran on such it is likely very few if any would be elected. These folks know this which is why they pose as republicans.

The above is why voting in primaries is more important that ever before in history. Some are only posing as republicans. Democrats beware as well.

craigers 12 years, 10 months ago

First of all, being a Christian is only tied to having a relationship with Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Also, Helen is a perfect example of what the apostle Paul told us not to do. For her example, the kingdom of Grace. Sorry it is the kingdom of God and He accepts those that come to Him because of that grace but Paul writes (with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) that we should not continue to sin because we have the grace of God in our lives and we can do anything, but he says God forbid that we keep on living our lives of sin just because we have God's grace. Those who continue to live in sin are mocking and abusing the grace of God, which in Galatians once again, it says God is not mocked. You can't live your life in sin, claim grace and expect to inherit the kingdom of God. Point blank, there are going to be many of the confessing "Christians who will never see the kingdom of heaven since they have chosen to live the way they do.

As with the case of homosexuality, it is not biology. For those that live in their sin, God spoke and said that he would give them over to their immoral and sinful ways since their hearts are preverted. God intended this world to live in a natural way and homosexuality is not that. I personally don't see how anybody could ever think that. The pieces just don't fit and go together.

The "dividing wall of hostility" is what Paul also writes about in Ephesians where he states that in God there is no Jew or Gentile or any other different group under Christ, except for Christians who are the church and have a personal relationship with Christ. However, you can't serve two masters, a kingdom can't stand if those who are in it are against each other. God can't look at sin and will not accept it. That is the reason why He turned His face from His only son, when all of the world's sin was placed on Him. Those who live a life in sin(homosexuality, adultery, fornification, murder, robbery, lust, etc.), will not inherit the kingdom of God. This letter is the type of people that claim to be Christians but lack a complete understanding of what that means. Relationship, relationship, relationship, not sin because I can and I remember the message of grace.

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