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In the halls

April 26, 2005


Do you enjoy school dances?

Bryce Baringer, sophomore, Free State High School
"Not particularly. Mostly because I just usually don't have the time to go."

Kristen Stremel, senior, FSHS
"No one enjoys participating in school dances. Getting dressed up is the most fun. I will be going to prom, though."

Laura Smith, senior, FSHS
"No. I just have better things to do. The first one I went to was the first dance of my sophomore year, and the last will be prom -- the first and last dances of my high school career."

Kayla Gauna, junior, Lawrence High School
"I don't go to them. I will probably go to my prom, and that's it."

Matt Smysor, sophomore, FSHS
"Yeah, I do. It's just a good time. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and seeing people outside of a school setting."

Marci Seuferling, eighth-grader, Southwest Junior High School
"Yes I do. I think they are really fun, and a lot of people go to them because our school doesn't have very many. It's nice to have fun and be safe."

Ali Rueschhoff, eighth-grader, SWJHS
"Yeah, because it's like a big dance party that the entire school is invited to. It's fun to see all your friends at the same time."

Molly Johnson, eighth-grader, SWJHS
"Yes. It's just fun to hang out with your friends and have a good time."

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