In harm’s way

To the editor:

This is in response to the April 1 and 2 articles in the Journal-World regarding the notorious sex offender moving to Lawrence.

It is frightening to me that pedophiles have more rights than our children. Our children are in harm’s way by creating laws like the ones governing the registered offenders program. We all know the honor system doesn’t work for those who have no honor! In my opinion, after much research, pedophiles cannot be cured. Released, they harm or kill another child. Sadly, they are caught too late repeating these vile offenses, and one more family is saddened and changed forever, a good example being the recent case of the beautiful little girl Jessica Lunsford.

Where does funding come from to pay for the 24-7 surveillance? This taxpayers’ money would be better spent for treatment of victims and families. If we are too humane to impose the death penalty for people whose behavior is vile and perverted, then people with this behavior should be locked away forever; working from 8 to 5 to pay for their keep.

All who are involved in this horrible idea of housing pedophiles at a huge cost and danger to our kids should be ashamed! The only thing that individuals or organizations, are taking into consideration by forming these facilities to care for sex offenders is MONEY! Dollar signs got in the way of morals. The devil must have had a hand in this idea.

Charlotte A. Hastings,