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What are you reading?

April 17, 2005


Courtney Parker, Kansas University junior, Lawrence

"'Josephine,' by Carolly Erickson. It's about the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte."

Holly Currie, KU freshman, Overland Park

"I started reading 'Angels and Demons,' by Dan Brown. It was really interesting, but I got too busy with my school work to finish it."

Sarah King, retail supervisor, Lawrence

"I'm reading Ian Caldwell's 'The Rule of Four.' It's about four college students from Princeton University who are solving a mystery about a book."

Levi Manning, legislative assistant, Lawrence

"'Robinson Crusoe,' by Daniel Defoe. It's great to read it again, especially in a foreign language. As horrible as his situation is, you kind of want to be him because it's so much less complicated than right here and right now.

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