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Governor hasn’t decided on gun legislation

April 9, 2005


— Gov. Kathleen Sebelius hasn't decided whether she'll sign a bill sought by gun rights advocates to decrease local government regulation of firearms.

"I really don't know a lot about all the implications of it, and I want to understand it further before I make a decision on that bill," Sebelius said during a Statehouse news conference Friday.

The bill would permit people to carry unloaded firearms in vehicles, if those firearms are in closed containers. It would nullify any local ordinance prohibiting the transportation of firearms or dictating how firearms must be stored inside a person's home.

Supporters argue the bill would prevent a patchwork of local ordinances and keep people who don't know a city or county's regulations on firearms -- hunters, for example -- from facing prosecution. Critics say cities and counties should be allowed to set such policies.

Sebelius said she plans to meet with representatives of both the National Rifle Association and the League of Kansas Municipalities.

Last year, Sebelius vetoed a bill to allow Kansans to carry concealed handguns, a move that angered the NRA and other gun rights advocates.

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