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Election efforts

It’s no small thing to be willing to become a candidate for public office.

April 9, 2005


Thanks to all the candidates who put their names forward to serve on the Lawrence City Commission, the Lawrence school board and other governmental bodies around the area. Offering to serve your community in this way is a huge commitment and you deserve our appreciation for your efforts.

Unfortunately, the just-completed campaign offered an unpleasant example of the sort of personal attacks that seem to occur much too often in candidate races these days. Such attacks hurt not only individual candidates but the whole community. It's impossible to tell how many well-qualified, well-intentioned people might be willing to run for public office but decide to pass because they don't want to be exposed to unfounded, irrational attacks on their character.

For the most part, this year's campaign was a civil event marked by well-informed candidates who avoided insults and personal attacks and even found occasion to share some humor with one another. As a community, we must be dedicated and vigilant in providing a collegial, respectful atmosphere for those who care enough about Lawrence to put their names on the election ballot.

It's the least we can do for them and for the community.

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