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Fraternity stand

Kansas University’s Interfraternity Council should stand firm in its expulsion of Phi Kappa Theta.

April 2, 2005


Congratulations to the Interfraternity Council at Kansas University for standing by its expulsion of Phi Kappa Theta.

The fraternity was expelled following a Feb. 19 party at the chapter house that led to nine citations for alcohol violations and the seizure of 16 kegs of beer by police. Officers had found men sitting outside the fraternity house at 1111 W. 11th St. selling $5 cups that entitled their owners to unlimited access to the beer kegs.

The fraternity members not only faced citations for breaking several laws, they were charged with what university officials termed "willful and egregious" violations of campus alcohol rules.

The Phi Kappa Theta members didn't just sneak a few beers into the house, they publicly displayed their extreme disregard for university and IFC regulations concerning alcohol. Not to take stern action against the fraternity would indicate a lack of conviction concerning the enforcement of those rules. Fortunately, the IFC board chose to stand by their regulations Thursday and the decision of IFC's judicial board to expel the Phi Kappa Thetas and recommend to their national organization that their charter be revoked.

The group has one potential appeal left, to the IFC's general assembly. If Phi Kappa Theta members choose to pursue that appeal, the assembly should stand firmly behind the earlier decisions in this case and send the message to all IFC houses that this is a serious matter that will result in serious consequences to Phi Kappa Theta and any other house that similarly flouts campus alcohol regulations.

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