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Bond questions

April 2, 2005


To the editor:

School bond issues are among the most important financial decisions taxpayers face because of the large amounts of money and the taxes incurred on their homes. Voters need to be fully informed of the details of the bond proposal, and the school board should go out of its way to do so without ambiguities or generalities.

Why is it so difficult to tell the public what the specific amount in dollars and cents that DLR, the consulting firm is to receive if the bond issue passes? Don't forget to include the interest that we, the taxpayers, will pay to the lender on the principal amount.

As for the South/Broken Arrow school complex, how many voters realize that Broken Arrow doesn't have its own heating system? Under the current proposal, each will have a cafeteria, but will continue to share a kitchen. Will the new South continue to provide heating for Broken Arrow? As I recall, when I attended South and Broken Arrow, that was the case and do not believe that has ever changed.

Now with my own family, I live in the Prairie Park area and I am still not certain why South should be replaced. The population around the existing South is aging, and the children are on the east side of town. Is it wise to continue busing from the far east side? Why must the present South Junior High site be rebuilt? A factual and honest answer would be nice.

Kirk Tipton,


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