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Phi Kappa Theta loses appeal to prevent expulsion

April 1, 2005


A Kansas University fraternity has lost an appeal to remain an active chapter on campus.

The seven-member executive board of the Interfraternity Council on Thursday upheld the expulsion of Phi Kappa Theta, whose members held a party Feb. 19 that resulted in nine citations for alcohol violations and the seizure of 16 kegs of beer by police.

The previous decision by the IFC's judicial board would expel the fraternity from campus and recommend the national Phi Kappa Theta organization revoke the local fraternity's chapter. It would be the first time a fraternity has been expelled on the KU campus.

"The executive board has based this decision on the chapter's willful and premeditated disregard for the policies of the Interfraternity Council's constitution and joint-alcohol policy," said Scott Shorten, IFC president. "By planning the function in advance of the event, knowing that many policies and bylaws would be broken, the chapter has shown its disrespect for the standards of the Interfraternity Council and thus shown itself to be unfit for membership in the council."

The fraternity could still appeal one final time to the IFC's general assembly, which consists of 20 members. Matt Moreno, Phi Kappa Theta's president, did not return a phone call seeking comment about a possible appeal.

At the Feb. 19 party at the fraternity's house, 1111 W. 11th St., police found men sitting at a table charging $5 per cup for all the beer patrons wanted to drink.

KU officials said the violations included holding an unregistered party, using kegs and selling unlimited quantities of liquor.

The expulsion means Phi Kappa Theta must cease operations as a fraternity and lose membership privileges for an unspecified length of time. Its 35 members will not be allowed to join another fraternity.

Kevin Lampe, spokesman for the national Phi Kappa Theta organization, said the national fraternity may decide as early as this weekend whether to revoke the KU chapter.

"We continue to support the decision of the IFC and local university officials," Lampe said. "We remain disappointed in the conduct of the members of that chapter."

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