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September 28, 2004


Giants fan being sued over 700th homer ball

San Francisco -- The San Francisco Giants fan who caught Barry Bonds' 700th homer is being sued by another man who says he was the rightful owner of the prized ball, which he maintains was stolen from him during a mad scramble.

According to a restraining order to be filed in state court today, Timothy Murphy said Steve Williams stole the historic blast from him during a melee in the left-center-field bleachers on Sept. 17 at SBC Park.

"Immediately after the 700 home run ball fell to the area of plaintiff's feet, plaintiff established possession, dominion and control over the ball by sitting on it and securing it with his right leg," according to the suit.

Williams said in an interview that he did not steal the ball, but found it at the bottom of the heap of people.

It's not the first time fans headed to court over the fate of a Bonds homer. In October 2001, Bonds' record-setting 73rd homer of the season sparked litigation that ended when a judge ordered both men to split the $450,000 the ball fetched.

Bonds tested for steroids

San Francisco -- Barry Bonds hopes his random steroid test last week will remove suspicion that he uses performance-enhancing drugs. Bonds told that he was tested Friday as part of baseball's new drug-testing agreement. Each player is tested once during the season. An infraction is not made public until a second positive test. Bonds has denied using any performance-enhancing drugs.

Announcement on fate of Expos due Thursday?

New York -- Exactly 33 years after the Washington Senators played their final game, the nation's capital might learn Thursday that major league baseball plans to return next season.

Several baseball officials said Monday that the most likely day for an announcement that Washington, D.C., has been selected for the future home of the team is Thursday, although there was a slight chance the timetable could be moved up.

Source: Brewers accept deal from L.A. investor

Milwaukee -- The Milwaukee Brewers have agreed to accept an offer from Los Angeles investor Mark L. Attanasio to buy the team from the family of baseball commissioner Bud Selig.

Daniel Gilbert, the founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, said Monday that he was told the team had selected another buyer, and a lawyer in baseball, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that Attanasio's offer was accepted orally by the Brewers' board.

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