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In the halls

September 28, 2004


What role does faith play in your life?

Khalid Salam, eighth-grader, home school

"I study Islam at home for about an hour each day."

Colby Root, eighth-grader, Bishop Seabury Academy

"I go to church on Sundays, and I pray everyday."

Quentin Bonner, eighth-grader, Central Junior High

"Faith is involved with everything I do, especially friendship."

Courtney Barber, ninth-grader, Central

"It plays a large role in sports. Everyone has faith in me to do well."

Jamie Battiest, eighth-grader, Central

"It's an important thing in everyone's life. I thing that faith really means believing in yourself."

Jonathan Van Vliet, seventh-grader, Central

"I go to church on Christmas and Easter. That's about it."

Asher O'Connor, seventh-grader, Central

"I go to church on Sunday. Christ plays a large role in my life."

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