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The inscription on the monument

September 19, 2004



To the pioneers of Kansas, who in devotion to human freedom came into a wilderness, suffered hardships and great dangers, and death to found this state in righteousness.

These were the first to come under the auspices of the New England Emigrant Aid Company. They founded the city of Lawrence. The first party of 29 men left Massachusetts July 17, 1854, and arrived here August 1, 1854. The second party of 114 left Boston August 29, 1854, and arrived September 15, 1854. These names are as recorded in A.T. Andreas' History of Kansas:

The pioneer party

E. Davenport, N. Philbrick, Ezra Conant, Benjamin Merriam, B.R. Knapp, Edwin White, G.W. Russell, W.H. Hewes, George Thatcher, John Mailey, J.W. Russell, A. Holman, J.D. Stevens, F. Fuller, J.F. Morgan, A.H. Mallory, S.C. Harrington, Samuel F. Tappan, J.C. Archibald, J.M. Jones, Edwin White, Augustus Hillpath, D.R. Anthony, John Doy, Hugh Cameron, A. Fowler, Oscar Harlow, G.W. Hutchinson, George W. Goss, Arthur Gunther.

The second party

James F. Ayer, Joseph W. Ackley, S.F. Atwood, L.H. Boscom, Ed Bond, Mrs. Bond, F.A. Bailey, Wm. Bruce, Mrs. Bruce, H.N. Bent, Owen T. Bassett, Mrs. S. Bassett, H.L. Crane, Jos. Crachlin, Jared Carter, Mrs. Carter, Willard Colburn, Ed. Dennett, James S. Emery, George F. Earle, Milton Grout, Mrs. Grout, Leo Gates, Mrs. Gates, Geo. Gilbert, Joel Grover, Azro Hazen, H.A. Hancock, O.A. Hanscom, W.A. Hood, Franklin Haskell, Lewis Howell, W.A. Hookey, R.J. Hooted, C. Hobert, S.N. Hartwell, Alfonso Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mary K. Jones, H.W. Fick, Wilder Knight, Mrs. Knight, Ed Knight, Sally Knight, W. Richerman, D.B. Trask, E.D. Ladd, John A. Ladd, L.P. Lincoln, Lewis T. Litchfield, Mrs. Litchfield, Otis H. Lamb, Samuel Merrill, J.S. Mott, John Mack, J.N. Mace, Mrs. Mace, J.H. Muzzy, Caleb S. Pratt, L.J. Pratt, S.C. Pomeroy, A.J. Payne, Charles Robinson, T.F. Reynolds, E.E. Ropes, J. Sawyer, C.W. Smith, Joseph Savage, Forrest Savage, Jacob Strout, Mrs. Strout, M.H. Spittle, A.D. Searle, F.A. Tolles, J.B. Taft, Owen Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, John Waiter, S.J. Willis, Mrs. Willis, Sol Willis, E.W. Winslow, Silas Wayne, Mrs. Wayne, Ira W. Younglove.

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