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September 19, 2004


Insurance Department offers guides for Kansans

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger announced that two handbooks and shoppers' guides are available to assist consumers with questions about homeowners, renters and auto insurance. The handbooks outline coverage requirements in Kansas and explain how premium charges are determined. They also tell consumers how to file a claim and how to terminate an insurance policy.

The publications are free and available by calling the Kansas Insurance Department's consumer hot line at (800) 432-2484. Information also is available online at


Software firm touts TV Rendering program

The maker of the No. 3 Web browser for Windows computers says it has developed technology to make sites appear as clearly on normal television sets as they do on computer monitors.

Opera Software says sites designed for high-resolution monitors often don't appear as well on low-resolution TV screens. The Oslo, Norway-based company's new TV Rendering program adjusts any Web page for a sharp display on any television screen of any size.

Jon S. von Tetzchner, Opera's chief executive, said he expected consumers to begin demanding full Web access on their televisions.

"The broadcasting industry can finally incorporate the full Web into TVs and set-top boxes," he said. "After all, if you would go to a store today and choose between a TV set that offered Web and TV or one that just had TV, which one would you choose?"

Motley Fool

Name that company

Sixty-five years old, I'm the global leader in computer printers. I was founded by two Stanford classmates, and my first product, an audio oscillator, was used by Walt Disney Studios for its film "Fantasia." I spend nearly $4 billion per year on research and development, and produce about 11 patents per day worldwide. I power 100 of the world's stock and commodity exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange. My software runs more than 100 million cell phones. I merged with Compaq in 2000. A woman leads me, and I rake in almost $80 billion annually. Who am I?

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