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September 12, 2004


Name that company

I was born in 1919 in Shanghai, when an American entrepreneur (and former ice cream parlor owner) established American Asiatic Underwriters. I landed in America in 1926 and today operate in more than 130 countries and territories. I'm the world's leading international insurance organization. I was a pioneer in offering risk management services for large companies. Insurance may not be exciting, but my stock has advanced 7,000 percent in the past 15 years. I'm currently developing the insurance market in China, among other places. After buying SunAmerica, I've got one of the largest U.S. retirement services businesses. Who am I? (Answer: American International Group)

Learning about no-load funds

How do no-load funds make any profits? -- C.I., Salinas, Calif.

Well, a fund may sport no load, which is essentially a sales commission, but it probably still charges its shareholders expense fees, management fees and marketing (12b-1) fees.
These various fees add up and reduce the returns the fund offers you, so pay attention to all the fees your funds are charging.
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