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Suspect in K.C.K. facing death penalty can’t fire his attorneys, judge rules

September 12, 2004


— A man charged with killing five people has been ordered to keep his defense attorneys, even though he said he did not want to speak with or see them "ever again."

Darrell Lamont Stallings and Errik A. Harris face the death penalty in the June 2002 shooting rampage that killed Samantha Sigler, 24; Destiny Wiles, 23; Tameika Jackson, 24; Trina Jennings, 26; and Melvin Montague, 34, in Kansas City, Kan.

Police have said that illegal drugs and revenge were the motives for the shootings.

Last week, Wyandotte District Judge Thomas L. Boeding rejected Stallings' request to have his attorneys, Byron Cerillo and Mary Curtis, removed and the attorneys' request to be removed from the case.

"This case is going to go forward, and we're going to get it resolved," Boeding said.

In December, Boeding allowed Stallings' first two attorneys to withdraw from the case because of a breakdown in communication. At the time, Boeding said Stallings was hostile to them and refused to communicate.

Boeding said the situation hadn't changed with new attorneys.

But he refused to severe ties between Stallings and his defense because he said Stallings had caused the problems.

Boeding said Stallings needed to listen and trust his attorneys. "You are your own worst enemy," he told Stallings.

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