Mysterious bites plague fans at Pitt State stadium

? While the Gorillas were chewing up Western State College of Colorado’s football team 56-6 a couple of weeks ago, something else was eating at the opposing team — and nearly everyone else at Pittsburg State University’s Carnie Smith Stadium that night.

Now the Crawford County Health Department, Kansas State University entomologists, exterminators and some formerly itchy visitors are trying to find out what caused the mysterious bites at the Aug. 26 game

Steve Shepherd, a local exterminator, said a bug that was sent to Kansas State last week turned out to be a clover mite, which feeds off grass. He said he found other types of small insects on the Internet that fit the profile of what bit all those people, but until the culprit has been identified conclusively, applying pesticides to the field would be a waste of time and money.

Many other people who have visited Pittsburg in the past two weeks have been calling county offices, family members and the media to find out what bit them.

PSU’s sports information director said the Gorillas have not been complaining about the bites any more than other people who live in the area.