Beautiful plumage

With new uniforms and increased numbers, the Marching Jayhawks will be even stronger representatives of Kansas University.

Those Marching Jayhawks sure looked sharp in their new uniforms last Saturday. No one should have been disappointed by the much-heralded debut during the Kansas University-Tulsa University football game at Memorial Stadium. Not only did band members sport their snazzy new uniforms, they almost filled the field, thanks to a surge in their numbers from about 130 members last year to about 185 this year. Band representatives say it is likely the band will grow to 225 or 250 members next year and perhaps to 300 not long after.

Initially, some observers were critical of the new uniform design, saying it featured too much black and not enough crimson and blue, but the overall effect is striking. The black pants provide a dramatic contrast to the crimson and blue jackets and capes.

Those who gave money to the “Feather the Flock” campaign to raise money for the new uniforms should be proud of the results. The band looks and sounds great and are wonderful representatives for KU.