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Leavenworth opens city to deer hunting

October 31, 2004


— Leavenworth's decision to allow limited hunting in the city limits during archery deer season appears to be running smoothly.

In response to numerous petitions and complaints that the deer herd needed to be reduced, city officials held public meetings, reviewed a variety of options and developed a plan in conjunction with Wildlife and Parks.

Nearly 25 hunters are participating in the program, which is allowed only on private land.

All hunters had to attend an orientation session to familiarize themselves with both city and state regulations. Then they had to pass a written exam covering these topics, as well as pass a shooting proficiency test.

Landowners allowing access must own a least three acres, although waivers may be obtained in areas deemed by the city to be safe.

To protect the landowner, hunters must sign a liability waiver ensuring that the landowner not be held responsible for any injuries sustained while hunting during this season.

Hunters also must take one doe for every buck they harvest, ensuring that each hunter takes a doe first. Taking does is the best way to control a deer herd.

The city makes game feeders and corn available to hunters and collects a small amount of revenue from a special $10 city hunting permit. A number of deer had been taken as of Wednesday with the peak the rut -- and harvest -- still about two weeks away.

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