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Big money

October 21, 2004


To the editor:

All politics are indeed local. This past week my mailbox was stuffed with a handful of slick, colorful Kris Kobach brochures that exemplify many of the disturbing trends of the Republican administration and politics in general. First, big money. I can't imagine what this mailing must have cost, and it begs the question how these bills will be repaid.

Second, fear mongering. One of the brochures chastises Rep Dennis Moore for his vote to disclose our nation's intelligence budget. To insinuate that allowing U.S. citizens to know what we spend for U.S intelligence is somehow advantageous to terrorists is redbaiting of the most despicable type (especially after the failures of 9-11 and Iraq).

And, third, the smarminess. The brochures are labeled with the weaselly disclaimer that it was "Paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and not authorized by any candidate...." Have these folks no decency. And for a candidate to hide behind the big pockets of the fat cats in Washington is both cowardly and mean.

I know that both parties are guilty of employing questionable techniques in their thirst for power, and my response will be to disregard the party labels on Nov. 2 and vote for those candidates who have shown some semblance of honor.

Ray Finch,


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