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Dreary,’ drizzly day ahead

October 20, 2004


Cloudy, drizzly weather was blanketing Lawrence this morning. And those clouds will be hanging around for the rest of the day, says Jennifer Schack, 6News meteorologist.

"It's kind of dreary out there," Schack said. Lawrence won't see much of the sun at all today, she said.

"The best case scenario is we could see a few glimpes of the sun around 4 or 5 o'clock," she said.

Today's high will reach 60, with east winds 8 to 12 mph.

Overnight, the temperature will drop to a low of 53 by early Thursday morning, with some patches of fog. The clouds will begin to thin out on Thursday, helping to increase the temperature to a high of 73, with southeast winds 10 to 15 mph, she said.

Schack expects rain in the morning on Friday, with a dry spell in the middle of the afternoon, followed by a chance for more showers and thunderstorms Friday evening. Friday's morning low will be 61 and the high will reach 77 by late afternoon.

The National Weather Service says there's a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms late Thursday night and early Friday morning, a 50 percent chance on Friday and a 40 percent chance on Friday night.

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