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State park fee hikes under consideration

October 17, 2004


Wildlife and Parks Commission members will take action on several proposals following public hearings Oct. 28 at the Heritage Conference Center in Atchison.

Here are the proposals scheduled for discussion:

  • State Park Vehicle Permit Fees -- Hiking the fee for in-season annual motor vehicle permits from $45 to $50 and changing in-season second motor vehicle permit fee from $25 to $30.
  • State Park Camping, Utility, and Other Fees -- Applying a surcharge for long-term camping, changing the annual camping permit fee to $249 off-season and $299 in-season, changing the 14-night camping fee to $85 off-season and $99 in-season and applying a $5 premium charge for prime sites Friday through Saturday.
  • State Park Cabin Rental Fees -- Applying variable rates for state park cabins according to season, day of the week, and type of cabin, from $35 to $150 per night.
  • Fishing Equipment and Methods -- An amendment that would require only barbless hooks be used for paddlefish angling on the Neosho River. The amendment would coordinate fishing regulations between the states of Kansas and Oklahoma so that the same rule would apply to all stretches of the Neosho River when fishing for paddlefish.
  • Secretary's Orders, 2005 Fishing Limits -- A variety of changes are proposed in length and creel limits at some public waters around the state in 2005.
  • Additional Non-Toxic Shot -- Addition of three types of non-toxic shot legal for waterfowl hunting. The additional shot types proposed include tungsten-bronze, tungsten-iron, and tungsten-tin-bismuth.
  • Spring Turkey Season -- Recommending a spring turkey season of April 13 through May 31, 2005.

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