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In the halls

October 12, 2004


What are you going to be for Halloween?

Sydney Vogel, eighth grade, Central Junior High School

"I'm going to be a cheerleader, just because it's an easy costume."

Hannah Fowler, fifth grade, Deerfield School

"I'm going to be Puss In Boots from 'Shrek 2.'"

Jimin Beom, third grade, Hillcrest School

"I'm going as a black cat."

Grace Goulding, fifth grade, Cordley School

"I want to be a nerd with suspenders and all that good stuff."

Kirstyn Flohrschutz, fifth grade, Prairie Park School

"An angel, because angels are so sweet."

Davion Midgyett, first grade, Sunflower School

"I'm going to be Spider-Man, because I'm skinny like Spider-Man."

Kiana King, first grade, Sunflower School

"A vampire, because I'm missing some teeth."

Branden Lewis, fifth grade, Kennedy School

"I want to be a skeleton, because they are scary."

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