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John Lennon’s killer has served 20 years and should be forced to serve 20 more.

October 11, 2004


The killer of musician-entertainer John Lennon will stay in prison for at least two more years. He has been denied parole because of the "extreme malicious intent" he showed in shooting to death the former Beatle in 1980.

Mark David Chapman appeared before a three-member panel and was denied freedom. He's had some 20 years of confinement and deserves at least 20 more, certainly no parole.

"During the interview, your statement for motivation acknowledges the attention you felt this murder would generate," the board wrote in regard to the Chapman case. "Although proven true, such rationale is bizarre and morally corrupt." Chapman is considered an "attention-getter" who some think would continue in that vein if released from prison.

Chapman legally became eligible for release after serving 20 years of a maximum life sentence. His next appearance before the parole board will be October 2006. He should be sent back to prison then, too.

Sirhan Sirhan who killed presidential aspirant Robert Kennedy should never be set free. John Hinckley Jr., who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan, already has been accorded privileges many feel he should never get. Every now and then, the murderous Charles Manson of California infamy has people campaigning on behalf of parole.

Those who kill "for fun or profit" should be locked up forever if not executed. Chapman, who was trying to make some kind of statement in the slaying of Lennon outside his New York dwelling, deserves no sympathy.

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