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What are you reading?

October 10, 2004


Tara Wisely, project coordinator, Lawrence

"I'm reading 'The Art of Happiness' by the Dalai Lama for the second time."

Brandon Williams, Army Reserves, Lawrence

"'In the Company of Heroes' by Michael Durant. It's about the experience of his helicopter crashing in Somalia."

Rex Reinhardt, Kansas University senior, Lawrence

"'Investment Theory' by Mark Hirschey. It's basically a lot of financial data, equations and stock portfolios about how businesses are run from the inside."

Steve Wilson, manager, Lawrence

"I just started reading the new novel by Philip Roth, 'The Plot Against America.' Charles A. Lindbergh is president, and he has forged an alliance with the axis powers."

Elizabeth Daniels, KU senior, Lawrence

"'The Da Vinci Code.' It's about two people trying to solve the mystery of the holy grail. It questions the realities in the Bible."

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