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In the halls

October 5, 2004


What card games do you like to play?

Quinland Wallace, kindergarten, New York School

"I only know how to play Go Fish, War and Memory."

Anna Cormack, fourth-grader, Pinckney School

"Skip-Bo and Spoons."

Summer Frantz, fourth-grader, Pinckney School

"I like to play Old Maid. It's really fun."

Ariana Frantz, fourth-grader, Pinckney School

"Spoons. That's about the only card game I play."

Brianne Martin, second-grader, Raintree Montessori School

"I play Spoons and Go Fish. They are both challenging. I like to play, and I like to win. I usually play at school with friends."

Noah Pfeifer, fourth-grader, Kennedy School

"I like to play Solitaire, 31, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and poker. Sometimes my dad and I play Texas Hold 'em."

Rod Allen Chavez, fourth-grader, Kennedy School

"I like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Battle, Phase 10 and Skip-Bo."

Andrew Chavez, second-grader, Kennedy School

"Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Stash, Go Fish and poker. I play regular poker and Texas Hold 'em."

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