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An opportunity

October 5, 2004


To the editor:

Has anyone else noticed that we suddenly can more clearly see this dramatic convergence of really important national needs that are collectively attainable only with a new direction in governmental policies in Washington?

Needs like better foreign relations and a better image of the United States abroad, greater energy independence, enhanced national security, improved sustainability of our communities, rural rejuvenation, cleaner air, land and water, affordable health care and prescription medicines, creation of solid, family wage paying jobs that won't suddenly shift overseas, and bringing nations together in a unified effort to address global warming and climate change before it's too late.

It's an equation for fresh hope in these times of terrorist activities, huge deficits, dwindling fossil fuel supplies and grain stocks, public despair and a turning back of hard-won environmental progress to appease big business.

Think now; isn't there a better way than attacking the terrorists with bombs and missiles, the environmental laws with rollbacks, the elderly with reduced medical payments and American workers with subsidies for job transfers abroad?

The ongoing presidential campaign provides an opportunity to expose new ideas and possibilities we desperately need to the American voting public.

Let's make sure the candidates don't miss it.

Les Blevins,


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