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Sharing the road

October 2, 2004


To the editor:

Share the road. I've seen these signs posted along the streets and roads. I do my best to share the road with cyclists. When approaching from behind, I slow down and move to the left of the lane as far as safety permits.

I think some cyclists need to consider that the signs might also pertain to them. Today, as I was traveling north on Massachusetts Street, I was passed by a young man who was riding down the center of the street, on the yellow line, between both lanes of traffic. If a driver in the southbound lane or I had had to swerve to miss a car or pedestrian, we may have hit him.

The cyclist continued until he came to the traffic light, which was red. He then proceeded to weasel the light. He cut across in front of the northbound traffic until he was past the intersection and back to the northbound lane. During the maneuver, an eastbound car had to stop to allow him to continue. If a driver who was distracted at the intersection had struck him, we would have heard how drivers don't share the road and endanger cyclists. So please remember car drivers are not the only people responsible for your safety.

Larry M. Brizendine,


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