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Fun rivalry?

November 29, 2004


To the editor:

Epic pranks, intense competition, and school pride: This is the essence of the Free State/Lawrence High rivalry.

For years, the rivalry of FSHS and LHS has only progressed. It is rivalries like this that make people attend the games. It is competitions like this that make people care about sports. It helps the players perform better, brings in much-needed money for the schools and makes your school something to be proud of. Isn't all this worth some harmless pranks?

The shenanigans that go on have never seriously hurt anyone. In fact, most have nothing to do with physical harm. It mostly affects pride, like stealing banners and trophies from the other school.

Some people say that the rivalry is going too far. This is ridiculous. Don't we all say, "You can never have too much of a good thing?" All the students like to have the thrill and excitement of these games and pranks.

In addition, we can't forget our youths and how they love the rivalry. Kids get easily bored in school and need endeavors that only involve them. The rivalry between FSHS/LHS is one of the only activities in Lawrence that allows students to be themselves.

So let the FSHS/LHS rivalry continue and let the kids enjoy them. They watch the games, and they love the pranks. The kids will end the rivalry when it goes too far; until then, just let them have their fun.

Josh Byrnes,


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