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What are you reading?

November 21, 2004


Brandon Haney, U.S. Navy, Winchester

"Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." It's the first book that any English major should read."

Karen Eliot, accountant, Lawrence

"'Star' by Pamela Anderson. It was just like you would expect it to be from the star of 'Baywatch.' Sleazy, shallow and fun."

Brad Johnson, Kansas University freshman, Lawrence

"Right now I'm reading 'A Love Supreme.' It's about the John Coltrane album."

Celeste Perkins, independent architecture student, Lawrence

"I'm reading 'Pompeii,' by Robert Harris. It's a historical fiction."

Chris Palmieri, financial services, Lawrence

"'Don't Buy the Lie,' by Mark Matlock. It's about the supernatural and how it works in today's world."

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