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Budget killers

November 15, 2004


To the editor:

What a crock. Eagle Bend loses money again this year, and our commissioners feel that this is a justifiable expense that the city taxpayer should absorb because it's an amenity we really need; like there are no other golf courses in the city. Once again, a city project (in competition with tax-paying, revenue-producing businesses) gets an unfair advantage by not having to pay taxes, sweetheart lease payments and no water bill and a bailout by the same folks that it is in competition with.

The city struggles to find the money to fund its protective services and maintain the current infrastructure and then wastes its limited resources on a luxury item for a minority of Lawrence residents. Eagle Bend gets a bailout and Douglas County Visiting Nurses gets to struggle to survive.

Large corporations spend vast sums of money to introduce new products, but when they do not make it in the marketplace, they cut their losses and pull the product. It's past time that the city did so with Eagle Bend and the other budget killers like the T or maintaining the Sesquicentennial Park.

Maybe the pressure on affordable housing in Lawrence could be eased if the city quit wasting our money on things like Eagle Bend.

Ken Meyer,


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