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Woodling falls back to break-even in contest

November 8, 2004


After moving above the .500 mark last week, Journal-World sports editor Chuck Woodling fell back to 3-3 in this week's Wanna Whack Woodling? contest on

Woodling, who missed victories by Iowa State, Kansas State and Colorado, was defeated by 99 contestants.

Jeremy Mitchell of Lawrence won the contest, tying 27 other participants with a 5-1 record, but coming closest to the actual final score of the Kansas-Colorado game with his prediction of a 31-24 Colorado win.

Another 71 entries beat Woodling with 4-2 records, and 73 contestants tied his 3-3 mark.

Be sure to visit Wednesday afternoon and make your picks for next week's contest and a chance at a T-shirt.

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