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Staff stability

November 7, 2004


To the editor:

I would like commend the candidates who ran in Tuesday's elections. For those elected to serve, congratulations; and for the others, thank you for your heartfelt interest to give back to your county and state.

I was, however, dismayed and concerned to read in Thursday's Journal-World that county "residents should expect a large, if not complete, turnover" in the district attorney's office. With admittedly no experience in this arena and with two high-profile murder cases coming to trial in a few months, wouldn't Charles Branson be well-advised to maintain the consistency and experience in his office that this county needs and deserves?

It has been my privilege and honor to become acquainted with many of those employed in the DA's office. I have been particularly impressed with the dedicated, knowledgeable and caring attorneys who have represented this county with their exemplary service. Don't they deserve better than to read in the paper when their careers may be cast aside in the interest of politics?

Mr. Branson, please consider what is best for this county and do not engage in political favoritism. For those running for office in the next election, please run positive campaigns and keep civility foremost in your minds.

Bonnie Lowe,


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