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November 7, 2004


1964 Beatles footage on tap

New York -- This year's American Music Awards will feature stars such as Usher, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani and Rod Stewart, but the most talked-about moment might come from the Beatles.

The show plans to air a 2 1/2-minute tape from 1964 that was recently discovered.

"We've got a wonderful old ... tape that's been lost for 40 years that nobody's seen since it first aired featuring the Beatles singing 'She Loves You' and 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand,"' producer Dick Clark told The Associated Press this week. "It was an English show that aired here that for some reason or another went into a trunk somewhere."

Stefani is set to open the Nov. 14 show, which will air live on ABC from Los Angeles.

Spacey does own splish splash

Los Angeles -- Kevin Spacey has been channeling an old hero: Bobby Darin.

For his new film about Darin's life, "Beyond the Sea," Spacey did his own singing of Darin's greatest hits, including "Mack the Knife" and "Splish Splash."

"People that knew and worked with Bobby Darin didn't know the difference when they heard him sing," said co-star Kate Bosworth.

Spacey ran into trouble with a different kind of splish splash: rainy Los Angeles streets. He was more than an hour late to Hollywood's Cinerama Dome for Thursday's premiere of the film, which opens nationwide Dec. 17.

Spacey later apologized to the theater audience.

"Californians don't know how to drive in the rain," he said.

Mira Sorvino has baby

New York -- Actress Mira Sorvino has given birth to a baby girl.

Sorvino, 37, gave birth to her first child Wednesday at a Los Angeles hospital, People magazine reported Friday.

Sorvino and her husband, actor Chris Backus, 23, were resting at home, according to People. The couple has not released the baby's name, the magazine said.

She and Backus, who has appeared on NBC's "Will & Grace," were married in June.

Diddy not giving up on politics

New York -- P. Diddy's "Vote or Die!" initiative lives on.

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, who started the group Citizen Change to increase voter turnout among young people for the Nov. 2 presidential election, told The Associated Press the group would continue to be involved in politics.

"This is phase one, step one for us to get people engaged," said Combs, who celebrated his 35th birthday on Thursday. "I'm trying to set up an infrastructure of empowerment and understanding power."

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