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Short & sweet

November 3, 2004


Foods that boost fiber

The International Food Information Council suggests these foods as ways to add fiber to your diet:

  • A medium apple with skin, 3.7 grams of fiber.
  • One cup broccoli, boiled, 4.5 grams of fiber.
  • One cup of brown rice, cooked, 3.5 grams of fiber.
  • One medium raw carrot, 2.2 grams of fiber.
  • One cup boiled red kidney beans, 13.1 grams of fiber.
  • One medium oat-bran muffin, 5.2 grams of fiber.
  • Two slices whole-wheat bread, 3.8 grams of fiber.

Survey: Busy cooks tend to transmit bacteria

American cooks are juggling too many tasks in the kitchen, putting them at risk for food-borne illness, the American Dietetic Assn. says.

According to a survey the group conducted with ConAgra Foods, 73 percent of home cooks say they watch television, 70 percent wash the dishes and 62 percent talk on the phone while preparing food. Others said they work on the computer, play with children and pet the dog and cat while they cook.

But only 30 percent of the respondents said they wash their hands after doing these noncooking activities. The ADA says dirty hands are the most common transmitter of bacteria.

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