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Lighten up, brighten up and don’t forget SPF

May 30, 2004


— It's time to let your hair down. Or is it time to pull it back?

Now that you're feeling that warm breeze in your hair, try a little more wave and cut some bangs, suggests stylist Oscar Blandi.

"What's happening now, as we go into spring, is a lot of bangs, layers to contrast the face -- not layers all over -- and you also will see a lot of short bobs," Blandi says.

This means relaxing the rules for many women who spend hours -- and dollars -- straightening their hair.

It's stylish and convenient to pull long hair back into a ponytail and it will look more modern with some graduation in the cut. And if hair is naturally wavy, it'll look great if you collect it with a wide-tooth comb, run some volumizer and gel through hair and secure it in a loose bun, Blandi says. Then, if you want a different nighttime look, you can just let the bun out and you'll have a sexy, tousled look.

With spring comes an influx of brighter, more optimistic cosmetic colors, instead of the deep colors that are most popular in winter, says MAC's chief makeup artist Gordon Espinet.

But just because the season is changing and trends evolving, you don't have to dump your makeup bag and start over, Espinet says; just add a few key items.

His picks: azure blue eyeliner or eye shadow, worn close to the lashline; waterproof mascara, which not only will stay on in the pool or during athletic activity but also will stay "set" on humid days; and foundation or bronzer for the face and body to help cover the blue cast often seen on "winter skin."

Espinet's advice for those who insist on a suntan is to use sunscreen, either on its own or in moisturizer or foundation.

"Please don't shy away from SPF (sun protection factor). It won't stop you from getting color, but it will stop you from getting burned. You know that 'red-nose look' -- that's a look we want to stay away from."

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