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Slogans stick it to candidates

May 29, 2004


The campaign bumper sticker: The conventional wisdom had always been that for a candidate to get his or her message across, they needed to be able to refine it to a single phrase.

A Chicken in Every Pot.

Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too.

These days, the same rule holds, although with a bit of a twist. Instead of focusing on your own message, you try to reduce your opponent to a single phrase.

Here are some of the bumper stickers being seen so far this election season:

Against John Kerry

I'm Not Fonda Kerry in 2004.

Keep America from Committing Hari Kerry.

Bush: Let's Roll. Kerry: Let's Roll Over.

Keep America Safe for Terrorists: Kerry 2004.

Stop Hanoi John Kerry.

Kerry Flip Flops: Two Lefts Don't Make 'em Right.

John Kerry: Betraying America Since 1971.

Better Bushed Than Kerried.

Saying Whatever It Takes To Get Your Vote: Kerry 2004.

John Kerry for President of France.

Terrorists Want You To Vote for John Kerry.

A Younger More Liberal Ted Kennedy: Kerry 2004.

John Kerry? No Thanks I Already Have a Wafflemaker.

I Actually Did Vote for John Kerry Before I Voted Against Him.

It Takes a Kerry To Burn a Village.

John Kerry-Heinz: American Gigolo.

John Kerry for Secretary General.

Kerry: For and Against Everything.

Kerry is Bi-Issue -- His Vote Swings Both Ways.

Against George Bush

Let's Leave One Child Behind -- George W. Bush.

George W. Bush -- Upper-Class Twit.

Kick Out That Son of a Bush.

Like Father, Like Son: One and Done.

Boot the Puppet King.

Bush: Pasteurized Process Cheese Dude.

Election 2004: The End of an Error.

Bush: Always Wrong, Never in Doubt.

Fight Mad Cowboy Disease.

What Bush Really Means: No Rich Child Left Behind.

Bush Is So Crooked I'm Beginning To Miss Nixon.

Geordge W. Bush: The Educashun Prezident.

Bush/Cheney: Four More Wars.

Bush/Cheney: In Your Guts You Know They're Nuts.

Bush/Cheney: Deja-Voodoo All Over Again.

Don't Think: Vote Bush.

George W. Bush: A Brainwave Away from the Presidency.

George W. Bush: It Takes a Village Idiot.

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