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KU shifts sections for visiting fans

May 14, 2004


Visiting fans won't have to take abuse from Kansas University fans -- at least not KU students -- this fall at Memorial Stadium.

The visitors' section has been shifted from the east corner of the south end zone -- next to the student section -- to sections 31-33 in the north end zone.

"We put them at the other end to get them away from the students," associate athletics director Jim Marchiony said.

Missouri fans complained about treatment they received during KU's 35-14 victory Sept. 27 at Memorial Stadium, but Marchiony said the move didn't stem from any specific event.

"We just think it's a good idea," he said. "I think it makes sense to keep our students away from visiting fans. It would make sense in any stadium."

That move led to a few other shifts. The family zone, which was sections 28-33 last season, has shifted to 24-27 in the middle of the north bowl.

Reserved seats on the west side remain in sections 34-41, but reserved seating on the east side has been extended to sections 4-20, instead of 4-17.

End zone, or general-admission seating, is available in sections 1-3, 21-23, 28-30 and 48-50.

Community Care, tickets KU sets aside for underprivileged children, doesn't appear on the seating diagram on KU's official Web site, but Marchiony said that program -- which was in sections 26-27 last season -- will continue.

"It will be there," he said. "We just haven't figure out where."

KU is implementing a points system for seating in Allen Fieldhouse for the 2004-05 basketball season, in which the quality of a booster's tickets are tied to donations. A similar system won't be adopted for football until 2005.

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