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Missouri deer season expanded for archers

May 2, 2004


Missouri's deer hunting regulations approved this week include 15 extra days of archery hunting and expand the length and area of the urban portion of firearms deer season.

This year's regulations also establish two pilot areas to test the effectiveness of antler point restrictions in increasing the doe harvest.

Archery deer season will run from Sept. 15 to Nov. 12 and from Nov. 24 to Jan. 15.

Firearms season will go from Nov. 13-23 with an additional antlerless season slated for Dec. 11-19 in 74 counties.

The urban firearms season will be Oct. 8-11 for 11 counties, including Cass, Clay, Platte and Jackson in the Kansas City metro area.

Also approved was a test of harvest regulations aimed at shifting the sex ratio of the states' deer herd.

The goal is to control the number of deer by reducing the proportion of does from 60 percent to 55 percent.

The pilot program will take place in 29 counties. Hunters in these areas can shoot only antlerless deer and antlered deer with at least one antler having at least four antler points.

No other antlered deer may be taken.

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