On the record

Law enforcement report

Emergency calls

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical reported the following responses:

Fire calls

  • Electrical wiring or equipment problem, 11:22 p.m. Monday, 4040 W. 14th St.
  • Coroner scene investigation, 7:26 p.m. Monday, 325 Maine.
  • Construction or demolition landfill fire, 1:58 p.m. Monday, 1146 Haskell Ave.
  • Alarm system sounded, unintentional, 12:12 p.m. Monday, 2125 Clinton Parkway.
  • Cooking fire, 10:20 a.m. Monday, 1603 W. 15th St.

Douglas County District court

Marriage licenses issued

Mark Charles Worheide, 37, Lawrence, and Teresa S. Klemme, 37, Lawrence.

Charles Luther Brannan Jr., 33, Ottawa, and Larissa Ann Harper, 19, Ottawa.

Mark A. Gonzales, 43, Lawrence, and Katherine L. Prevost O’Connor, 32, Lawrence.

Michael Wayne Kesinger, 43, Lawrence, and Lori Lynn Miller, 38, Lawrence.

Richard Edward Neel Federico, 26, Norfolk, Va., and Ann Janette Premer, 27, Norfolk, Va.

John Douglas Midgett, 18, Baldwin, and Kelly Yolanda Mertz, 18, Baldwin.

Viktor Nadeau, 38, Lawrence, and Mary Ann Jones, 33, Lawrence.

Jeffrey Scott Southard, 50, Lawrence, and Peggy Ann Sellner, 51, Lawrence.

Michael Don Nichols, 30, Ozawkie, and Christie Delorise Burkhart, 29, Ozawkie.

Jonathan Springer Perkins, 32, Lawrence, and Patricia Walsh Manning, 36, Lawrence.

Keith Leslie Church, 31, Baldwin, and Josalie Moore Autry, 22, Baldwin.

Adam Christopher Pracht, 22, Lawrence, and Amber Marie Byarlay, 22, Lawrence.

Christopher Michael Willis, 29, Eudora, and Karla Rose Bisterfeldt, 20, Eudora.

Richard Louis Horton, 43, Lawrence, and Antoinette Swett, 47, Lawrence.

Robert Lee Farquhar Jr., 37, Lawrence, and Andrea Marie Pickering Woodsmith, 34, Lawrence.

Ismael Groves Pinett, 23, Lawrence, and Kari Michelle Dorow, 28, Lawrence.

Nerio Luis Quintanilla, 44, Lawrence, and Martha Lee Brown, 40, Lawrence.

Andrew McKinney Hammond, 39, Lawrence, and Maria Felinda Reyes Pileo, 22, Lawrence.

Mark Phillip Everley, 29, Indianapolis, and Heidi Linnay Garren, 29, Indianapolis.

James Randall Firestone, 36, Austin, Texas, and Cara Catherine Johnston, 29, Austin, Texas.

Jeffrey Scott Dahnert, 42, Lawrence, and Laura Ann Sotir, 43, Lawrence.

Javier Solis, 35, Topeka, and Paula Theresa Esquer, 20, Topeka.

Aaron Jude Holl, 29, Lawrence, and Stacy Lynn Ridinger, 32, Lawrence.

Timothy Dean Morrell, 26, Beloit, and Kristin Nicole Rosencrants, 20, Lawrence.

Darrin Wayne Mock, 35, Lawrence, and Kirsten Leigh Olson, 31, Eudora.

John Gregory Devore, 28, Perry, and Heather Leigh Richards, 27, Perry.

Keith Edward Morgison, 43, Lawrence, and Linda Kay Kelley, 44, Lawrence.

David Andrew Pettrone Swalve, 34, Lawrence, and Lauren Katherine Crump, 23, Lawrence.

Michael Wayne Nuffer, 39, Lawrence, and Hilary Page Brown, 35, Lawrence.

Anjana Lishantha Puswella, 31, Lawrence, and Julie Anne Noonan, 31, Lawrence.

Seth Christian Cole, 28, Lawrence, and Maureen Ann Carey, 25, Lawrence.

Jay Richard Van Meter, 31, Lawrence, and Sarah Elizabeth Thornton, 24, Lawrence.

Thomas Duane Ott, 50, Lawrence, and Emily Jane Sinnard, 46, Lawrence.

Brandon Dale Cromwell, 22, Eudora, and Katie Lee Smith, 21, Eudora.

Lewis Harold Foster, 28, Lawrence, and Tonya Kaye Smith, 28, Lawrence.

Ardell Arthur Nathan, 70, Lawrence, and Charlita Facto Faderes, 55, Lawrence.

Brian Dean Sloop, 31, Lawrence, and Heather Rene Wilson, 38, Lawrence.

Eric Wade King, 31, Lawrence, and Charity Opal Day, 24, Lawrence.

James Andrew Chambers, 23, Eudora, and Leah Mary Hansen, 23, Eudora.

Matthew Jon Moilanen, 25, Lawrence, and Courtney Lyn Pence, 25, Lawrence.

Jeffrey David Pena, 36, Olathe, and Tabitha Lynn Taylor, 30, Lawrence.

Dale Eugene McAllister, 49, De Soto, and Nancy J. Suffron, 47, Topeka.

Steven Joseph Schneider, 28, Lynnwood, Wash., and Vanessa Marie Young, 23, Overland Park.

Brian Eugene Williams, 30, Lawrence, and Teresa Ann Bagby, 24, Lawrence.