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Average people can look more like models in photos

June 27, 2004


— Models look good in photographs because they are relaxed and happy to be there.

Most people, though, tense up and are too posed when they're having their picture taken, says photographer Trix Rosen. But these same people then ignore the little things that can make a difference, adds Charlie Green, makeup artist for Victoria's Secret.

"Real people look beautiful when they feel good. Relax and trust yourself. Allow yourself to feel the joy of the moment, and you'll like the way you look in your photos," Rosen advises.

Meanwhile, Green suggests makeup "practice runs" for special-event photos, such as wedding or reunion pictures.

"Even if you don't usually wear makeup, wear some basics like mascara and blusher when posing for photos. When the flash goes off, your features will get lost if they aren't emphasized with makeup," she says. "Foundation makes you look camera-ready."

Green's other beauty hints include:

  • Create a fresh, shine-free complexion. Apply powder in your T-zone to reduce shine. An oil-free cream-to-powder foundation works well, and oil absorbing sheets can blot your face after makeup is applied.
  • Apply lip gloss. Nothing looks better in a picture than shiny, sexy lips. (Green uses Sweet Talk Mouth-Watering lip gloss in Posh Peach on model Gisele Bundchen for Victoria's Secret shoots.)
  • Be strategic with shimmer, which can give you a radiant look if applied correctly. It goes only on the top of the cheekbones and eyelids to illuminate the face. But if your skin is broken out, opt for matte makeup because shimmer products accentuate shine.

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