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Successful event

June 24, 2004


Last weekend's success concert event at Clinton Lake was a good advertisement for Lawrence and Kansas.

Congratulations to all those who helped make last weekend's Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival at Clinton State Park such a success.

This was a bold venture, and promoters are to be congratulated for having the vision to launch such a project. Nothing was guaranteed when the festival was being planned, and many situations or developments could have caused this initial effort to be a disappointment or even a failure.

However, due to good planning, first-rate musical groups and an excellent site, promoters had a good headstart for a successful program.

Although the weatherman tossed a curve to the first day of the festival with rain and strong winds, it wasn't a knockout punch. Attendance became stronger and stronger Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to the promoters, the festival's attendees also deserve congratulations. Unlike some large music festivals where crowd behavior has been a problem, the large majority of those attending the Wakarusa show behaved in a manner that reflected favorably on the entire effort. Likewise, when it came time to head home, many of these visitors from throughout the country made an effort to leave the park grounds reasonably clean and litter-free.

The park itself was an ideal setting for the festival, and it certainly must be rated as a "winner." Those in charge of the park had it looking great, and it served as an attractive advertisement for Kansas. Chances are, a good number of those headed to the festival had preconceived images of Kansas, and they must have had their eyes knocked out when they saw the large, beautiful, wooded park area.

The Wakarusa gathering appears to have been a winner in about every respect, and it is likely a high percentage of those attending the event will return to their homes high in their praise of the festival and Lawrence.

Thanks to all who made this initial event such a success.

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