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June 24, 2004



Golf courses eating up city tax revenues

City officials are scrambling to get more golfers on public courses as expenses tied to the city's newest course are bleeding reserve funds dry.

A report released Tuesday shows that the golf system has been running at a $1.2 million annual deficit since 2000. Without an increase in revenue, the golf system's reserves will be empty by the beginning of 2005.

One example officials pointed to was the Auburn Hills course, opened in 2001. The city expected golfers to play 232,000 rounds a year. But a slow economy and other setbacks have kept the golfing public at bay. Just 183,417 rounds were played last year.


State warns of lead in Mexican candies

State health officials are investigating several cases of childhood lead poisoning in Kansas to see if there is any connection with chili-covered candies imported from Mexico.

Following warnings from the federal Food and Drug Administration, the state Department of Health and Environment this month warned people against eating Mexican candies, especially ones flavored with chili or tamarind.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is looking for the candies during annual inspections of grocery stores. It also is investigating two cases of children in southwest Kansas with high levels of lead, as well as several other cases.


Charges dropped when police chief resigns

The Kansas Attorney General's office has agreed to drop charges against the former police chief of this central Kansas town after he agreed to resign from office.

Merlin Stout, 60, was arrested in February and charged with two counts of improperly touching a woman in a restaurant without her consent.

In a letter to the City Council dated June 1, Stout agreed to step down.

Stout's trial was scheduled to begin next week.

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