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Facts disputed

June 17, 2004


To the editor:

Shirley Bandes writes (Journal-World, June 13) that we should blame President Bush. Her facts are dead wrong. The current unemployment rate is 5.6 percent. Not an "all-time high" as claimed. That distinction came with the recession of 1982 when it reached 10.8 percent. My business classes taught that 4 percent to 6 percent unemployment is normal.

No money for schools? The primary funding of our schools is the responsibility of the state of Kansas not the federal government. It is paid for through our property taxes.

"Huge blackouts in our electrical grids" is also not the responsibility of the federal government. Power companies are primarily public in ownership. Shirley can buy stock and receive a dividend based upon performance. If she buys enough, she can run it. This is called capitalism.

The "whole country's highway system needs to be upgraded"? States, as well as the federal government, receive taxes that are included in the price we all pay at the pump. States receive highway funds back from the federal government for the maintenance of their roads accordingly. Perhaps Shirley hasn't left Lawrence lately because Kansas has done a wonderful job in rebuilding. Visit Missouri for a comparison. Ugh! Oklahoma is currently rebuilding Interstate 35. If a state doesn't use its highway funding for the intended purpose, blame the state officials.

Some people no doubt believe Bush was responsible for the San Francisco earthquake and the Chicago fire, too, and if they want to bash or vote against him, that is their right. Just be a little more accurate in facts.

Gary March,


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