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Lowlife thieves

July 28, 2004


To the editor:

To the person who stole the life-size chocolate Labrador dog statue from Richard Hadl's grave site at Oak Hill Cemetery on July 19 (J-W, July 21):

Why do you think that a cemetery is a place for you to take items that do not belong to you? Everything placed at a cemetery is done so for a reason. Items are placed there for our loved ones who have passed, not for thieves.

Many people who visited at and near my husband's grave enjoyed seeing the dog statue because it was so lifelike. Everyone made positive comments about him standing guard at his owner's grave.

How dare you enjoy such an ill-received item? You will have to keep the statue under cover for fear someone would notice and know you were the one who stole from the dead. But a lowlife such as you probably does not have feelings. You are not concerned about how deeply you have hurt someone who is already grieving over a tremendous loss, my husband of more than 50 years.

You are a dirty thief. There is no need for me to question what the consequences of your actions will be. Your judgment day will come.

Anyone seeing a life-size chocolate Labrador statue with a red collar, please contact the Lawrence Police Department regarding case No. 02-04-6967.

From a very sad widow,

Vera L. Hadl,


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