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Legislative candidates report campaign spending

July 28, 2004


— Tom Sloan is a 10-year incumbent in the Kansas House facing a political newcomer in next week's Republican Party primary for the 45th District in Douglas County.

But Sloan, of Lawrence, is taking nothing for granted against Keith Noe, a Lecompton farmer and retired Los Angeles police officer.

"I'm going door-to-door every day," Sloan said. He is also buying ads, signs and campaign brochures.

Like many incumbents, he is outspending his opponent several times over.

In state reports that cover campaign finance activity from Jan. 1 through Friday, Sloan reported spending $22,696, while Noe spent $3,732 on campaign materials, signs and radio ads.

Sloan received broad support from individuals and political action committees, while most of Noe's campaign is self-financed.

The same trend was seen in the GOP primary pitting state Sen. Mark Buhler against political neophyte Don Johnson, both of Lawrence.

Buhler raised $20,716 and spent $9,128 during the finance period, and Johnson spent $4,340 in funds he loaned himself.

In House District 10, incumbent Democrat Tom Holland, of Baldwin, faces Leo Kerwin, of Wellsville, in the primary. Holland spent $4,914; Kerwin $583. Republican Rich Lorenzo of Lawrence faces no primary opposition in that district, but spent $5,005 in preparation for a general election race.

One of the most competitive Republican Party primaries is in Senate District 9 between Sen. Kay O'Connor and Rep. Rob Boyer, both of Olathe.

Boyer reported spending $69,861, including $40,000 he loaned his campaign, and O'Connor spent $25,326.

In the pack of GOP candidates vying for an open Senate District 3 seat, Roger Pine, of Lawrence, raised $17,632 and spent $14,352, while Richard Rodewald, of Eudora, reported raising $12,711 from himself, but stated it was not a loan. Connie O'Brien, of Tonganoxie, spent $2,307, and Chuck Quinn, of Perry, signed a sworn statement saying he wouldn't raise or spend more than $500.

On the Democratic side in Senate District 3, Jan Justice, of Bonner Springs, spent $17,954 and Ed Sass, of Easton, spent $723.

State reports track campaign fund-raising and spending of candidates for the Kansas Legislature. (I) denotes incumbent.
45th District Kansas House
Keith Noe, R $3,732
Tom Sloan, R(I) $22,696
2nd District Kansas Senate
Mark Buhler, R(I) $9,128
Don Johnson, R $4,340
10th District Kansas House
Tom Holland, D(I) $4,914
Leo Kerwin, D $583
Rich Lorenzo, R $5,005
9th District Kansas Senate
Rob Boyer, R $69,861
Kay O'Connor, R(I) $25,326
3rd District Kansas Senate
Connie O'Brien, R $2,307
Roger Pine, R $14,352
Chuck Quinn, R $500 or less
Richard Rodewald, R $12,711
Jan Justice, D $17,954
Ed Sass, D $723

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