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In the halls

July 27, 2004


When is the ideal time to start school?

Maya Weil, sophomore, Lawrence High School

"9, because you have time to kind of sleep in and not sleep through your classes. And also zero hour would be at a more reasonable time."

Sommer Brecheisen, freshman, Baldwin High School

"Last year I went to school at 9:30 because I was home-schooled for part of the day."

Stephanie Drahozal, freshman, Southwest Junior High School

"I would say, like, 10 o'clock because then you could sleep in and stay up late without having it affect your schoolwork the next day."

Julia Osen-Averill, senior, Corvallis High School, Corvallis, Ore.

"I'd say 9 o'clock, basically so you don't sleep through your classes and you don't have to stay too late and still do after-school activities."

William Thompson, fourth-grader, New York School

"I would have to say around 8:45 or something so I get to sleep in for a while."

Zach Adams, sixth-grader, Perryton, Texas

"Probably 11 because I'm not a morning person at all."

Bert Parker, fifth-grader, Quail Run School

"6 o'clock in the morning, because that gets me enough time to brush my teeth and wipe the sleepy sand from my eyes."

Kylah Ogden, seventh-grader, Burrton

"Probably 9, because kids could get ready and they could have more time to do the rest of their homework."

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